Made Possible with Partnerships

We're able to keep a small, close-knit supply chain by providing a carefully curated product selection suitable for all seasons. We establish long-lasting ties with factories and maintain regular communication; with regular visits. To prevent audit fatigue in factories and guarantee safe, legal, ethical, and humane production procedures, we accept third-party, mutually acknowledged standards in addition to performing our own audits when necessary.

Our Code Of Conduct

We are dedicated to providing safe working conditions, humane treatment of employees, and environmentally sound production practises throughout the whole supply chain for Louis Fadano. Louis Fadano's Suppliers, including subcontractors, are required to do all of their business in accordance with all applicable local laws, ordinances, and standards. The ILO Core Labor Standards are expanded upon in this Supplier Code of Conduct ("Code") in order to improve social and environmental responsibility.

Factory Audits & Evaluations

Beyond the formal agreements outlined in The Code, we also demand that our Tier 1 suppliers take part in unbiased, external social and environmental audits. A factory must pass a social and environmental audit that involves private worker interviews, a review of records and paperwork, and a physical assessment of safety conditions before it is permitted to produce for Louis Fadano. Audits by Louis Fadano are performed in accordance with national and international labour laws. The stricter criteria will be used in cases where there are differences between the two. We make an effort to audit every factory that makes products for Allbirds at least once a year.

Supply Chain Transparency And Traceability

Louis Fadano works hard to maintain strong, respectful, and enduring relationships with our suppliers so that our relatively small supply chain can significantly impact the movement toward innovation and lower impact. We're able to keep a small, close-knit supply chain by providing a carefully curated product selection. Our social audit and environmental initiatives are open to all of our Tier 1 suppliers, and we began to involve our most important Tier 2 suppliers in 2022. Our aim is for all of our strategic Tier 2 suppliers to participate in our environmental and social audit programmes.