Who is FADANO?

Louis Fadano, is an explorer designer. He travels, he explores and he designs. He speaks the language of the world. Expresses himself in trends and fashions. He is young and ambitious. Passionate about designs, colors, fabrics and materials which the world has to offer. Fadano was born to French parents in Italy in the eighties. His name carries the French class and the Italian appeal. He grew up in the US in the nineties and witnessed the rise of the silicon-valley. He loves technology, art and poetry. A strange mixture, but he is strange and different. He is determined to be part of everyone. He is quick to adept, to respond to grasp the new trends. Yet he is open to culture. He absorbs the global culture and reflects it in his styles. He draws inspiration from the elements in the earth and what is above it. He draws his inspiration from the peaks of Himalayas, the ingenuity of California, the depth of Paris, the ancient class of Rome and the royal Istanbul. He is an explorer of treasures and seldom rests. He is moody, sometimes he is romantic and other times he is tough. He is tall and slender and sometimes keeps a beard on his sharp chin. His nose is sharp and his hair is black. He is now a bit tan, as he loves the sun and is always door travelling. He loves football, he is Italian by origin after all and he loves Pizza for obvious reasons. He is someone you will love to meet and befriend. He is sincere and honest and will always be by your side. All he wants is to explore and design for you, after all he is the world’s foremost Fashion Explorer.